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DIY: $150 Stunning Kitchen Makeover

Bill and I bought our first house in 2014 with the hopes to transform the house into a functional and updated home that we could love and grow into. My hopes of a truly amazing kitchen, like those I had pinned on my Pinterest boards, seemed like nothing more than a dream that my budget could never afford. It wasn't until we were selling our house that I decided to start researching ways to update our kitchen on a tight budget. I wanted to make the kitchen look visually appealing in pictures and in-person, something that would grab potential buyers' eyes. I refinished a lot of furniture prior to this project, so I was familiar with brands and paints and used those as jumping off points to start to research. I came across a kit from Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations, read reviews, watched endless YouTube videos, and drove straight to our local hardware store and purchased the kit for $83! The best part: No stripping, no sanding, no priming, and NO SKILL needed! While I was there, I picked up some brushes, extra painters tape, painters plastic, and new cabinet hardware (note: measure the width of the existing handle holes before buying new hardware).

Once we got home we began taking all the doors off the cabinets and set them up on tables in the garage. Next, we felt we were ready to paint but needed a little direction, luckily the kit came with an instructional DVD.

The Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations kit came with deglosser and scouring pads that will take off the top protective/glossy coat on the cabinets. Doing this allows you to not have to sand or strip the cabinets, so thankful for this!

Before painting we taped off the walls and floor, put up the painters plastic inside of the cabinets to protect what we didn't take out, and put down a drop cloth on the floor.

With the self-leveling formula of the paint, we didn't worry about runs or streaks and it honestly worked! We painted two coats and since we did not want the rustic look, we didn't use the glaze. We wound up putting on the top coat the next day and put the hardware back on once it dried later in the day. The entire project took a full two days, and it was SO worth it!

Bonus: With the extra paint we had, I decided to paint the bathroom vanity and mirror.

(We even still use the extra paint and glaze on projects 4 years later!)

Amazing what paint can do to the look of a room. Happy painting!



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