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Cluckingham Palace

Cluckingham Palace at Honeywell Holler Farm is the ultimate oasis for chickens and ducks.

Measuring 8 feet tall, this coop has an 8'x6' storage area, an 8'x6' coop with 7 nesting boxes, and 4 windows. This coop offers vinyl sheet flooring for easy cleaning and hosing down, a 1'x3' clean out door, a passthrough door from the storage area to the coop, and multiple roosting bars inside the coop. The run is 20'x8'x6' and has a small pond and mini coop with 3 nesting boxes for the ducks. For sustainability, two solar panels were added to the roof, a rain barrel with freeze control automatic waterers, and fresh herbs were planted to provide healthy snacks to this flock. 

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