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Home Construction

We Are Wrapping Up Construction,

Room Reveals Coming Soon! 


We didn't expect to love the house when we decided to schedule a showing. In fact, we saw the listing online in March 2018 and passed on it even though it checked every box on our must-have list. Months went by and we had looked at more houses than I can remember and had decided to put a pause on the house hunting for a while. We took one last browse online in June, stumbled upon the house again and decided to see it in person. The moment we pulled up we could see the potential and knew it was the one. Unconventionally, the homeowner was there and we were able to talk to him about the history of the home and stories of loving families that grew up in the home. Little did we know at the time, some members of those family members still lived on the road and have become some of the best neighbors anyone could ask for. 

The most dramatic update in this house remodel was the kitchen. We turned the old 11x14 kitchen and the adjoining dining room into one large 30x14 space. Knocking down three load bearing walls meant adding beams and having to relocate plumbing, electrical, etc. Kitchens are the heart of the home and we are looking forward to utilizing this gorgeous new space with our loved ones.

Kids Bathroom

While this bathroom didn't need to be remodeled, the design wasn't my style and clashed with the design style of the rest of the house. We updated this bathroom by repainting, changing the walk-in shower to a tub with tile surround, added a double vanity, and simple touches like new light fixtures and mirrors. 

Powder Room

When we first moved in, this was the first project we undertook. From square tiles, a green sink, and wallpaper, this main floor bathroom severely needed some TLC and we were up for the challenge. We added shiplap to the walls, repainted, installed new fixtures, flooring, and a new vanity. 

Laundry Room

This room completely transformed into a a room of beauty, complete with fresh paint, new fixtures, shiplap, and by removing a closet we were able to install cabinets and a bench. When we first moved in there was a walk-in shower in the laundry room, which we had originally planned on making into a doggy shower / sink combo. It wasn't until we ripped out the shower that we realized there was an exterior door behind it that was covered up. We decided to forego the doggy tub idea and now we love having access from outside right into the "mud room"...which I'm not sure where the wording "mud room" comes from, but if I had to guess, it comes from people like us coming in from playing outside on the RZR or ATVs covered in mud. Thankfully we were smart to invest in waterproof flooring!

Dining Room

The dining room has been a multi-purpose room for us. We first used it as a den with a couch that we never used, to our main living room, then as storage during the renovation. It's now our dining room with a stunning 12' table, accent wall, and sideboard.

Living Room

One of my favorite parts of designing spaces is thinking about functionality and how we'll use the space. I've always envisioned having a bay window to read on in our living room, so when we got new windows I didn't hesitate to have one custom made. It was one of the largest windows they ever made and took an entire crew of 6 to carry and install it. Hard work (for them), but SO worth it! To me the window ties the room together and gives it a cozy, inviting feeling and allows us to have a breathtaking view of the pond.

Master Suite

The master bedroom was originally a large room with a tiny 2ft closet. The bathroom area was broken up into two rooms, a large 8x10 changing room with small closet and a small separate bathroom. We decided to change the entire layout of the master suite and made one large bathroom with large walk-in shower, a smaller bedroom, and built a large walk-in closet. 


Upstairs houses all four bedrooms, including the master bedroom. Each bedroom got a fresh coat of paint, new furniture, and we've been blessed to have many friends and family have a home away from home when they visit us. When we purchased the house, we were childless adults who used the three bedrooms as guest bedrooms, but now one fun change was turning two bedrooms from guest rooms into a nursery and playroom, equipped with a hide-a-bed / pullout couch, mini fridge, and toys we will enjoy playing with just as much as our new baby.

Entry Foyer

One thing that made me fall in love with the house was the curved staircase in the entry. I envisioned a refreshed staircase and having a massive 15' Christmas tree expanding all the way up to the second story ceiling. As a fabricator, Bill was able to create a refreshed banister and it was everything I had imagined it would look like. We also added faux brick to the entry walls and installed a beautiful new front door.

Upstairs Hallway

A tough design decision was figuring out what to do with the nook in the upstairs hallway. I went back and forth between an accent table with cute decor on top, a reading nook with a large daybed and bookshelves, a small desk or work station, or even enclosing it to make a larger closet in the hallway or a small closet adjoining master. When I think about what our family needs and how our family would use the space, I landed on a comfy reading nook. While I don't read as much as I'd like, I do like to switch up where I work from home. Taking calls or working on reports from different spaces keeps me energized and helps me refocus. Needless to say, this decision turned out to be one of my favorite spaces that I'm sure one day in the future my children will grow up to love too. 


The first time I walked into the basement on a house tour most of the light bulbs were burnt out and I felt like I was walking into a creepy horror movie. The basement was packed with storage and then we noticed there was a walk-out door to the exterior. We opened the doors and light beamed in revealing rooms that screamed with potential. We've used the basement as storage housing unpacked boxes from our move from IL until our remodel was completed. We refinished the floors and opened some walls where we could and transformed the space into a more organized space with storage solutions, man cave, workout room, and bar area. This simple refresh will allow us to grow into it in the future.


I remember the first time pulling up to the house and saying "oh wow" - the view was just so unexpected. There's a long gravel road that goes over the pond with the house and most of the property in the background. We sat at the entrance taking it all in, realizing this house we had passed on before was now a real contender. When we pulled down the road and up to the house we realized there was so much potential and that the house really had great bones. I'd always wanted a white brick house, so we inevitably painted the house white, installed new black trimmed windows, repainted the front and back porches, updated the garage doors, added a brick walkway and fenced in the backyard for the pups to fully enjoy their new doggy door. Over the years we've added storage buildings, a chicken & duck coop, a pool, pool house, and gazebo. Each of these spaces we created allows us to see the beauty of our house from different angles and I can't wait to see how the property transforms in the future. Up next, building Bill's workshop!

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